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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Weird Dream…

On Saturday night I had the craziest dream; the good part of the dream was that I got to see my Chuy once more. Jesus was alive in my dream!
Before I explain exactly what my dream was about, first I need to go back in time into my past; this will help comprehend the dream a little better as to who the people in my dream were and what they symbolize.

Let’s go back in time to 1998; this was the year when Miguel Varela came into my life. Miguel and I started dating, he and my Jesus’ were third cousin, but they were not close at all. During this time I was 16 years old, Jesus and I were not together; he was in Longmont, Colorado. Miguel and I dated for about a week; he was in town visiting. I was drawn to Miguel; he knew how to dance and boy did he know how to kiss!

When he left Albuquerque to go to Kansas we decided to have a long distance relationship and see how things went from there. We would write and keep in touch as often as possible; I was falling deeply in love with him and I honestly believed there could be a future for the two of us being together.

In May 1998 it was the one day before the last day of school; it was my junior year in high school; I missed it! That day we got terrible news; Miguel had passed away; I left to Mexico the next day for the funeral, they had taken his body from Kansas to our pueblo in Matachic, Chihuahua Mexico. I was totally devastated and didn’t know why every time I was happy, I once again was separated by whom I had grown to love.

Ok, so getting to my dream now you know who Miguel is; well in my dream we were having the rosary for Eric Varela which is Miguel’s brother; he is still among us and is still alive. I dreamed he had died, but in my dream Miguel and Jesus were still alive. We were all crying around Eric’s coffin and surrounded by the entire family. In the dream Jesus and I were happy together, but then came a dark, dusty windy time during the rosary in when everything became a stronger sorrow; then Miguel and Jesus asked me to call the family.

In the dream I felt total sorrow because of Eric’s death, but at the same time I was happy with my Chuy being by my side. I also remember that in the dream Jesus was making me a tattoo of a cloud with rain drops falling; whatever that means, I have no clue. I have no tattoos on my body, and I am terribly afraid of them. I am not that faun of needles, so it doesn’t make any sense to me.

When I woke up I was in total shock, I had a bad feeling. I started to get worried for Eric’s well being, so I decided to text him and see if he was ok. I didn’t tell him exactly what I dreamt, but I did mention someone had died; of course I didn’t mention it was him who had died. I told him Jesus and Miguel were in my dream and had asked me to call. He said he was fine, but that his uncle had been shot the previous day, and he was in El Paso, Texas on his way to Mexico for the funeral. When he said that, I got chills, someone did die that night! It was not Eric, but it was someone in the family. Is it a sign or just plain coincidence? As for me, I will investigate; those who know me know how superstitious I can be. I will not rest until I find some answers as to what this dream means.

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  1. I believe in dreams and that they usually mean something.

    Perhaps the death meant NOTHING, but the fact that you were with Chuy as a way of telling you it's time to move on and be happy as you were in that dream. I don't know. Perhaps it means you need to find that peace and joy you felt with Chuy in that dream. I don't know. Weird.


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