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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Gardening Saturday…

Last night I had the most horrifying dream; it was about demons and the devil, it was crazy! It was sooooo scary I don’t even want to get into more detail…

Today I woke up about 10:30 a.m. after finally being able to wake up from the scary dream! I got up and ate a piece of sweet bread with a small glass of milk, put on some clothes, a baseball cap, and started gardening. Like I mentioned on my last blog we had gone to Home Depot to purchase a water hose for the A/C and ending up buying flowers and fertilizer for the front lawn. It is a working progress!

It still doesn’t look like much, but it does have much more color than before.

Oh and let me tell you it is harder than it looks. It was so hot, and it took for ever to make the holes and plant those things individually. Yup it looks easy, but when you’re actually doing the work, man it is HARD WORK!

I will add more after pictures later when the other flowers look in better condition.

We finally finished planting, feeding, and watering about 5:00 p.m. we all went inside and took a shower, got ready, and headed off to Kmart; we purchased the pulley cooler to use tomorrow at the Rio Grande Zoo; Yup tomorrow we are going to the Zoo for Father’s Day. Beatriz Adriana one of my long time idols is going to be in concert at the fiesta there tomorrow and I can’t miss it.

I have idolized her since I was 2 years old; my favorite songs are “Macho Panzon” and “Basurita”. It is so totally cool that after so many years I finally get to see her in concert. Till this day I still have the old fashioned cassette that my dad purchased for me back in the 1980’s; remember those? Those you had to rewind when you wanted to hear the same song again? When CD’s still didn’t exist? Well yup I still own all my cassettes, I may be crazy but they have a sentimental value to me!

After Kmart we stopped by Little Caesars; I was having a craving for PIZZA, I love PIZZA! After all that gardening out in the hot sun all day, I really didn’t feel like getting home to cook dinner. We also stopped by our Neighborhood Wal-Mart, you may ask yourself why Wal-Mart? Weren’t you just at Kmart, well it is because the sodas are cheaper at Wal-Mart and with this economy every dollar counts! At Kmart they were four 12 packs for $12; at Wal-Mart a 24 pack is for $5, you do the math. In the long run it adds up! We got home and headed right for the dinner table, that pizza was delicious; that was my lunch and dinner. I had not eaten anything in all day except the sweet bread with milk I had in the morning, so as you can imagine I was very hungry!

I am excited about tomorrow! Hope you all enjoy Father’s Day with all your daddy’s out there. God bless you all. Read ya later!


  1. Aw, girly I can't tell you how much I would love t have a place of my own so I can grow my own roses and stuff. I have always wanted that, but I know it is hard work and sometimes very meticulous, I know you burn lots of calories gardening, talk about multi-tasking you are working out and making your home beautiful! I also love pizza, it's hands down one of my favorite foods lol. Am sorry to hear about that nightmare, sometimes I have some messed up dreams to, I'll wake up and be like were did that come from? I hope you have a great Sunday!!!

  2. I hope you are blessed with a green thumb and those flowers blossom beautifully!!! Mark and I tried to have flowers and they died even after we spent lots of money on fertilizers and special dirt and things like that. I had to let them go after the second summer of trying to have them.

    Pizza is soooo worth being fat for!!! It's one of my favorite foods! :D

    I hate nightmares,especially those involving my baby! The other day I dreamed that a snake had coiled itself around her neck and was trying to choke her! :( I was trying to remove the snake but it kept tightening its grip around her neck. It was horrible and it made me cry. It was 4 am when I woke up from it, but I got up and picked up my baby, anyway. She looked at me sleepily and smiled and I just kept kissing her.


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