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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Tuesday of Terror…

I call it Tuesday of terror because today it was the gynecologist appointment; I hate pap smears, I hate them so much I had not had one since my son was born. Yup, it has been 9 years since my last one; what can I say I don’t like them and it’s kind of a phobia for me! I wouldn’t have gone if I weren’t having the problems I am currently having.


So I went to work today, I left early around 1:00 p.m., Alejandro and Alexandro picked me up from work, so we went to Ho Ho’s for lunch prior to my appointment, and let me just say I will never ever return there again; I don’t even want to get started on the restroom, I just went in to wash my hands and I think my hands were cleaner while going in than when I came out! The chairs were all sticky and the lamps on the ceiling had like 3 inches worth of dust mites on them ewwwww nasty! If I wake up with food poison or something of that nature, we now what caused it.

We arrived to the gynecologist @ 2:15 p.m. and I was nervous; about 15 min to 3:00 p.m. they finally called me in; they took all my medical history yadi yadi yada. Then comes the phrase of please remove all of your clothing and put on the gown, oh boy!!! Then that dreadful bed with the foot rests or whatever they are called. Ay ay ay! Anyways so I had my exam; the gynecologist states I am a very complex patient due to all my medical history, she said I gave her a lot to take in at once! LOL that was kind of funny; she could not believe someone so young has gone through all my medical history, but hey it’s not like I chose it! The only results I obtained today was the fact I am not pregnant, hello big surprise I already knew that LOL. I will receive the Pap test results in about a week; I also have to call to schedule a pelvic ultrasound tomorrow. I will keep you updated to see when that will be.


When I got home I came straight to take a nap, now I just had an ice cream cone and now I am going to bed! Ohhhh did I mention my only excitement right now is “Eclipse” is in theaters tomorrow! Ok peep good night, talk to you mañana…


  1. I definitely gotta go get myself checked out!!! I have the opposite problem as you...
    Mark has been bugging me about baby number two! :(

    I sort of afraid to have two diaper babies! Emma can't even walk yet! At the same time, I'm excited to have baby number two (if it is His will).

    I need to go, pero like you, I so dread foreign objects up my cooch! :(

  2. Did the doctor did you a hard time about not coming in sooner? Because I've only been having sex for three years and with the same man (and only he with me) and I came in a year after we'd been together and she gave me the HARDEST time for not getting one sooner!

  3. I haven't had one for almost 3 years. I hate pap smears!

  4. The Gyn did give me that look and said:

    Gyn: when was your last pap
    me: a very very long time ago.
    Gyn: when is a very long time ago?
    me: since my son was born LOL.
    Gyn: how old is your son?
    me: 9 years old. LOL
    Gyn: WOW that is a very long time Cristina.
    me: yes it is.
    Gyn: well glad you decided to fianlly catch up with that.


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