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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Tuesday of Terror…

I call it Tuesday of terror because today it was the gynecologist appointment; I hate pap smears, I hate them so much I had not had one since my son was born. Yup, it has been 9 years since my last one; what can I say I don’t like them and it’s kind of a phobia for me! I wouldn’t have gone if I weren’t having the problems I am currently having.


So I went to work today, I left early around 1:00 p.m., Alejandro and Alexandro picked me up from work, so we went to Ho Ho’s for lunch prior to my appointment, and let me just say I will never ever return there again; I don’t even want to get started on the restroom, I just went in to wash my hands and I think my hands were cleaner while going in than when I came out! The chairs were all sticky and the lamps on the ceiling had like 3 inches worth of dust mites on them ewwwww nasty! If I wake up with food poison or something of that nature, we now what caused it.

We arrived to the gynecologist @ 2:15 p.m. and I was nervous; about 15 min to 3:00 p.m. they finally called me in; they took all my medical history yadi yadi yada. Then comes the phrase of please remove all of your clothing and put on the gown, oh boy!!! Then that dreadful bed with the foot rests or whatever they are called. Ay ay ay! Anyways so I had my exam; the gynecologist states I am a very complex patient due to all my medical history, she said I gave her a lot to take in at once! LOL that was kind of funny; she could not believe someone so young has gone through all my medical history, but hey it’s not like I chose it! The only results I obtained today was the fact I am not pregnant, hello big surprise I already knew that LOL. I will receive the Pap test results in about a week; I also have to call to schedule a pelvic ultrasound tomorrow. I will keep you updated to see when that will be.


When I got home I came straight to take a nap, now I just had an ice cream cone and now I am going to bed! Ohhhh did I mention my only excitement right now is “Eclipse” is in theaters tomorrow! Ok peep good night, talk to you mañana…

Monday, June 28, 2010

Over the weekend…

So how was everybody’s weekend? Mine was ok, can’t complain, well actually I do have a few things to complain about; not about my weekend, but of things that occurred during the weekend. On Saturday, USA was eliminated from the World Cup 2010 by GHA 2-1; it was a major disappointment for me.

Then I said well at least I still have my hopes put on my Mexico; maybe Mexico will win the World Cup 2010! Wrong again; on Sunday afternoon, Mexico was eliminated by Argentina 3-1, I actually got drunk on “Coronas”, and cried for a while. The passion of soccer for us Mexicans is unexplainable; the pain of always losing hurts our hearts deeply! I mean come on, I will be 28 years old on July 10th and I have never seen Mexico make it to the finals, it is so hurtful as well as disappointing!!!! Ahhhhuuuu why can’t we just win once?

I’m also very sad about what happened on Saturday.
On Saturday, June 26, 2010 Mexican singer Sergio Vega AKA (El Shaka) was murdered after a car chase by an assassination gang in Sinaloa near the hills of Barobampo, Mexico. His partner survived the firing, but sadly he lost his life.

This is a great loss for the Mexican music industry as well as the field of music in general. The murder took place right before the time when Sergio Vega was to join his crew for an upcoming musical tour. Lately Musicians who sing about Mexico’s Drug wars have often become targets of warring drug gangs, and at least seven have been killed in the past three years.

El Shaka was born on September 12, 1969 in Ciudad Obregon in the state of Sonora Mexico. Sergio Vega El Shaka belonged to a family which had a lot of background in music.

The following are just a few of his so many songs:

• Quien es usted

• Necesito Dueña

• Te queiro

• Me gusta estar contigo

• Te amo mucho

He will be missed dearly! *R.I.P Sergio Vega 1969-2010*

In other news, I would like to introduce you to the newest member of our family “Gris”; she is 7 weeks old, and we just got her yesterday! She is already a spoiled little brat. I bought her a little house for her to sleep in and she doesn’t want to stay in it; she gets out and jumps onto my bed. Gris doesn’t mow if she’s on the bed, but she mows as soon as you get her off; SPOILED!!!! Now we have 2 dogs and 1 cat. LOL

Nothing much else to say except that today I went to work, church, and home! Tomorrow again work, and to the gynecologist appointment; oh dear!!! Wish me lots of luck…I’ll let you know how it went.

Read ya later Earthlings :) Have a great night!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Fourth of July Blog Hop Pledge: "Stay Sober Stay Alive"

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Friday, June 25, 2010

Finally Friday…

So today is finally Friday! YAY Thank goodness; this was one of the longest weeks of my life, maybe because I have not been feeling so great. I still feel like I have a fever and my stomach doesn’t feel that 100% yet! At least I get to rest this weekend, as soon as I got home I took a nap! I have felt so exhausted lately, sometimes I fear my “Cancer” is back and that is why I feel the way I do; I totally freak out!


In other frustrations my college is totally driving me nuts, first they told me I would not be able to go to this summer term because I owe money back because I got my Pell grant prematurely or something like that, and even though they stated I was not going to be able to start classes they registered me anyway. Really! Are you Serious! Well I didn’t know, so I have not been doing homework; then I decided to start on homework and they tell me that if I want to continue to have access to class, I need to pay what I am short on no later than June 29th. Ok so I e-mailed them to withdrawal me from the course, and now they want to charge me to withdrawal! What? Can you talk about confusion? I am totally stressing over these! Fawk… I sent another email because I can never get them on the phone; let see if there is a response when I log into my e-mail tonight.

Ok well changing the subject, what are you gonna do this weekend? I am going to rest, rest, and rest some more! Catch up on some movies on the Internet, um yeah I see bootlegged movies on the Internet LOL, I do save the ones I truly want to see for the big screen; even then, I go to the early bird viewing because lets face it now in days going to the movies is so darn expensive, right? Imagine there are 3 of us, $10 each ticket that is $30 bucks for 1 movie; that is what I paid for the concert tickets for August 1st! Crazy! I’d rather get up earlier and just pay ½ price of $5.

On my way home my son called that his nino/uncle would be dropping him off later tonight because they were at his cousin’s baseball game! SWEET… I came straight home and took a nap; I slept until he got here, then we ate dinner, talked for a bit, and went to bed. Did I mention it is so awesome it is finally Friday? LOL Have a good weekend everyone!

**I would also like to take the time to welcome my new followers, hope we can become good buddies**

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Friday Follow Me-June 25th


Not much to tell…

Today was one of those days you’re at work, and all you think about is going home!

I also miss my buddy Charlene from Academy Corporation, I so miss it there; good times, good times! Anyway it is what it is and I must be grateful for what I have until something better soon arrives.

I don’t want to just answer phones for the rest of my life, I need to graduate soon and start to accomplish the goals I have stuck in my head. Some day, one day I will own my own company; it doesn’t need to be big or huge. It just needs to bring in the “papa” like us Mexicans say, just enough to pay the bills, pay my college loans, and get my kid through college!

(The monkey is not relevant to the blog; I just thought it was funny!)

I’m still stuck with the hope of winning the lotto LOL I would be one of those people who would share her wealth with those less fortunate, with the people I love, and those who are special to me. Maybe some day not to far off! Keep on hoping hu?

Today when 5:00 p.m.came I was so grateful! I can’t wait till July when I have a few days off from that place; that phone beeping noise finally gets to you after a while, also those patients who think they are the only patients in the planet huuuuu annoying. We have thousands of patients who have butt issues ok, not just you!

In other news, my excitement grows each day because each day it gets closer to June 30th; and you know what that means right? No? Well “Eclipse” will be in theaters on that day and we are so going! Who wants to tag along?

Yesterday I also bought 3 tickets to go see “Vicente Fernandez” the King of Mexican Regional Music at the Journal Pavilion! Heck ya!!!! Lawn tickets were on sale yesterday for only $10, you can’t beat that! I saw him in concert last year; I was one of the crazy women who bought 2x tickets for $180 each, but it was so worth it.

Alexandro had hip-hop class today and learned some new hip-hop moves! Write to you later; the weekend is almost here. YAY!!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Stomach bug?

During the weekend I started with an upset stomach ouuuchhhh! Not sure what triggered it; my mom told me there is a bug going around, but who knows. On Monday I started to get a fever while at work; on Tuesday when I got up to get ready for work well lets just say it was not going to happen! I felt awful; don’t you just hate it when you have the stomach flu or sort of a bug? It is the worst feeling ever.

Today I woke up kind of the same; I was even hesitant if I should go to work or not, but I made it through the day. I just hope it is not something serious. I have been having some menstrual problems; today I received an email from WebMD regarding menstrual problems; coincidence? Weird hu? Some of the symptoms I am currently having where in that e-mail. I have to admit that with my health history, I freak out easily so you can imagine how I felt when I saw the possibility of ovarian Cancer! Terrifying issue for me… Cancer again? Really are you serious? Could it be? Cristina why do you always think of the worst? Panic attack! Ok I will calm down now; promise!

My menstrual cycle has gone way out of whack, I have been getting my period every 2 weeks, and it is scary as well as very annoying. I have an appointment on June 29th with the gynecologist who I am so dreading aahhhhhh! I don’t like the gynecologist, I would much rather go to the dentist! I just hope all things go well, and whatever I have is not serious; I am scared they will either tell me I have ovarian cancer or that I will no longer be able to have more children. I want to have at least one more baby before I shut down the factory. Now all I can do is hope it all goes well next Tuesday.

The following was on WebMD:

You're Bleeding In Between Periods

This is one period problem you shouldn’t ignore. "If you're bleeding between periods, it should be investigated," Loffer says.

Causes can range from something benign -- such as having an irritated sore in the vaginal area or forgetting to take your birth control pill -- to something as serious as an ectopic pregnancy or cancer. Visit your doctor for an exam.

The first thing that popped out to me from that information was the word “CANCER”. I don’t know if I have the strength to fight cancer again! Maybe I am worrying for no reason; ok peeps write to you later, I am now going to bed. Good night…

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Father’s Day…

How was your Fathers Day? Mine was totally awesome! Alejandro, Alex and I had so much fun at the zoo. We got there early to walk around the zoo before the concert started. We decided to take our own cooler filled with drinks and food; it saved us a lot of money that is for sure, and we had a great time while saving some mula!

Beatriz Adriana was amazing; it was so cool to see a person I have idolized since I was a little girl.  I sang along with every song; I even danced in the grass with my little Alex.

This outing helped us do something together as a family, and it helped me realize how sweet my Alejandro is! He is a sweet guy…

I called my dad and my brother to wish them a lovely Fathers Day.  I invited my dad to the concert, but he had his own plans with his lady which truly doesn’t surprise me! That is dad for you; in his own little world, in Luis town. It’s all good though, whatever makes him happy, and floats his boat; I did my part.

The weather was so very crazy, all day long it was hot; I even got sun burn on my ears to prove it, and yes I had sunscreen on. Right when Beatriz Adriana came out, the best part of the concert in which we were all waiting all day for, a wind storm began. Then on top of that it started raining. Oh well! I sure didn’t care; nothing was going to get me away from that concert.

When we got home we ate the left over pizza from the night before, relaxed in front of the television, and watched a reality show called “Desafio”. After that I have no idea, I don’t even remember at what time I dosed off. The weekend was too short, I guess that’s the way it feels when you’re having fun! From a close of eyes it would soon be Monday once again and off to work! One down and 4 more to go.

It would be totally awesome if I would win the lottery, and I no longer had to work; wouldn’t that just be so great? Yes, it would!!! I guess I can keep on dreaming, hey you never know it can happen. =P For now I am thankful God provides me with good health and employment :) Hope you have an excellent week, soon the weekend will arrive once again! God bless.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Gardening Saturday…

Last night I had the most horrifying dream; it was about demons and the devil, it was crazy! It was sooooo scary I don’t even want to get into more detail…

Today I woke up about 10:30 a.m. after finally being able to wake up from the scary dream! I got up and ate a piece of sweet bread with a small glass of milk, put on some clothes, a baseball cap, and started gardening. Like I mentioned on my last blog we had gone to Home Depot to purchase a water hose for the A/C and ending up buying flowers and fertilizer for the front lawn. It is a working progress!

It still doesn’t look like much, but it does have much more color than before.

Oh and let me tell you it is harder than it looks. It was so hot, and it took for ever to make the holes and plant those things individually. Yup it looks easy, but when you’re actually doing the work, man it is HARD WORK!

I will add more after pictures later when the other flowers look in better condition.

We finally finished planting, feeding, and watering about 5:00 p.m. we all went inside and took a shower, got ready, and headed off to Kmart; we purchased the pulley cooler to use tomorrow at the Rio Grande Zoo; Yup tomorrow we are going to the Zoo for Father’s Day. Beatriz Adriana one of my long time idols is going to be in concert at the fiesta there tomorrow and I can’t miss it.

I have idolized her since I was 2 years old; my favorite songs are “Macho Panzon” and “Basurita”. It is so totally cool that after so many years I finally get to see her in concert. Till this day I still have the old fashioned cassette that my dad purchased for me back in the 1980’s; remember those? Those you had to rewind when you wanted to hear the same song again? When CD’s still didn’t exist? Well yup I still own all my cassettes, I may be crazy but they have a sentimental value to me!

After Kmart we stopped by Little Caesars; I was having a craving for PIZZA, I love PIZZA! After all that gardening out in the hot sun all day, I really didn’t feel like getting home to cook dinner. We also stopped by our Neighborhood Wal-Mart, you may ask yourself why Wal-Mart? Weren’t you just at Kmart, well it is because the sodas are cheaper at Wal-Mart and with this economy every dollar counts! At Kmart they were four 12 packs for $12; at Wal-Mart a 24 pack is for $5, you do the math. In the long run it adds up! We got home and headed right for the dinner table, that pizza was delicious; that was my lunch and dinner. I had not eaten anything in all day except the sweet bread with milk I had in the morning, so as you can imagine I was very hungry!

I am excited about tomorrow! Hope you all enjoy Father’s Day with all your daddy’s out there. God bless you all. Read ya later!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Ay Ay No...

So I talked to my mother last night and she has decided not to move to Albuquerque after all. She states she called around were she needed to call, and she would not be able to have the same benefits she currently has in Denver.  My mother is ill and on disability so I truly understand where she is coming from, so I guess I would just have to accept her decision!

The funny part was the story! oh man the stories my mother tells me, including the ones I have seen in person.  Dude for real, when we talk on the phone we last for hours just laughing at the idiotic things that happen to her. So several months ago I applied for her to get a scooter which she did get; this makes it so much easier for her to get around to go to the grocery store and so fourth, anyways the women managed to fall even while on the dang scooter! Yeah she didn't manage to drive straight and got out and ramped off the side walk, I still don't know how she manages to do these things. LOL My mother has fallen so many times I have lost count.  When I bought my house, she came down from Denver to see it and stayed for a few weeks with us; in the time she was here she fell a total of 5 times.  One of those times, we were not able to lift her up, and I had to call the fire department, and let me tell you those fire fighters were hot!!! whhhuuuuuuwwwwhooo  LOL  You gotta love her!

So today at work it was a more relaxing day for me; I read blogs on google reader between calls; thank goodness google reader wasn't blocked on our network.  Today I tried to put my mind at ease, I think reading at work between calls is the thing that works best for me, it totally helped ease my stress. You know what I will be doing from now on! 

After work we went to Home Depot to buy a water hose for the A/C that busted; I ended up buying $125 dollars worth of stuff, but it was a good deal.  I purchased some flowers and fertilizer for my front lawn; I am so excited to get started on that tomorrow!!! I will post pictures when it has been completed, it is a working progress.  When we got out of Home Depot I decided for us to come back home to leave the stuff so someone wouldn't steal it in the parking lot when we took Alexandro for his Hip-Hop class; I don't know if that was such a good idea! (stay tuned).

We left to hip-hop class; it lasted for about 1 hour. Alex seemed kind of bord since he already knew most of those moves, the instructor said they would start on new choreography next week.  Maybe then he will get more into it.  (P.S. Erika my co-worker was there with her daughter too)

I am so proud of my negro, he is a good dancer, I just hope he sticks to it and doesn't get bord of it.  When we got home from hip-hop I totally freaked! The garage door was left open; I guess I forgot to close it or something when we came home to drop off the stuff we purchased.  Good job Cristina drop of the stuff at home so they won't steal it in the parking lot, but leave all the doors open at the house so they take it all! Man it was a scary situation.  I said ok the garage door left open, no harm done, not a big deal, at least the door is locked to get into the house; wrong again!!! Alejandro left the dang door unlocked, I was like man you didn't lock the door? Thank God no one noticed we weren't home; this is how you can tell you live in a good neighborhood.  The sign of the neighborhood watch is in front of my driveway so I guess that helps a lot, or so I think. LOL It was a long day.

Thank God it's finally Friday tomorrow... YAY!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

An Aggravated World...

Have you ever just had one of those days when you wake up and hate very thing and everyone? Well that was my day today!  I felt so aggravated towards everyone and everything. I was at work just waiting for the clock to turn 5:00 pm and run for it; I so wanted to go home. As soon as I got home I trough my tennis hoes across the room and changed into something more comfortable; I did a little of reading, and fell asleep until 9:00 pm when I heared the theme song for the series "The Office".

I usually don't feel this way, but the day is almost over and it seems like tomorrow it might be the same routine as today!  Probably something I am not yet aware of is bothering me, and I need to figure out what it is so this feeling can go away. 

Tomorrow at work, I am going to concentrate on my self and what I am feeling.  I'm keeping it short today since it is already late and time for bed time!  I usually blog from work, but since our network has a virus, they have blocked blogger! I know it totally SUCKS aaahhhuuuuuuu...... 

Write you all later! 

P.S. I would appreciate if my readers can help me get some more followers; I would love to meet new people.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

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Monday, June 7, 2010

It's Finally June...

Finally the month of June…

You may ask why my excitement or you may think I am dull, but “Twilight Eclipse” is out on June 29th! Alexandro, and I are very excited and can’t wait. We are very much into the Twilight era.

This past weekend went by way too fast! I slept through most of it; it’s like this is the only time I can truly catch up on my sleep. I guess I am taking a break from school for this semester since I was short on my financial aid for the summer this term; SUCKS, but what can we do? I guess it was kind of a God send because to be totally truthful, I am very tired. Full time mommy, full time student, and working full time have truly cached up to my last nerve! I can’t take a break from work or being a mother, so school will have to do! LOL.

Time is flying by and July is almost here uuughhh I hate it! I don’t want to get older; my birthday is on July 10th, and believe me I can wait! Yesterday I found another white hair; didn't ever think those would show up so soon, but oh well they're are a part of getting older, what can I say. I had found one on my bangs about a few months ago, and the one found yesterday is on the back part or my head. Uugghhh man, I had to of gotten my mother’s genetic genes; why couldn’t I have gotten my fathers? Damn! My father is actually older than my mother; they are 11 years apart.  My father is 69 years old and has a full set of black hair! My mother is only 58 years old and her hair is already salt-n-pepper as she so calls it.

So there you go, I got stuck with my mother genetic genes, and I also got the obesity genes from her as well; damn! I wish I would have got all my genes from my father because I’ve always wanted his skin and hair color. During my teenage years, I did dye my hair black, but didn’t look to great with black hair and pale white skin. LOL I looked like the living dead! Hehehehe My dad is skinny too! I don’t have the will power to go on a strict diet to lose the weight, even though I am doing pretty well in losing it slowly.  I just need to get the willpower I once used to have during my younger years.

I got my thyroid removed in 2008; due to thyroid Cancer so as you can see that truly doesn’t help my motivation ugghhhh! Back in 2002 I started on the Atkins Diet and I lost over 60 lbs. but not eating carbs got old really fast, but it worked that is until I got sick. LOL.

Anyways changing the subject today it’s Monday, and I am already waiting for the weekend; Oh please have it come soon!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Review: Embracing Your Second Calling


Author: Dale Hanson Bourke

$12.23 (Amazon price)
Paperback: 240 pages
Publisher: Thomas Nelson (May 4, 2010)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0849946972
ISBN-13: 978-0849946974
Product Dimensions: 8.9 x 6.9 x 0.7 inches

Dale’s purpose is to make women and all people in general to accept the changes of life; to accept getting old and closer to God. To accept that this is the way he wants us, older, and wiser. Dale has shown her own experiences of getting older; she also shows the experiences of strong women she has meet throughout her life. Dale tries to help us see what she has learned in her years. Her audience is not just intended just for older woman; she states she wants to reach both genders of all ages. Reading her book was awesome; it’s inspirational, and has made me think of a lot of things I can change in my life. Like what she says about things always happening for a reason so we can learn from our mistakes; I always felt the same way about that. I would recommend this book to anyone who is afraid of getting old and to the young as well. Getting old is not a sin it is a calling, and being young doesn’t last forever. Reading this book helps ease your mind about getting old; that is not what is important, what is important in your inner soul and how you life your life.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

From the ghetto to the Westside!

Since I can remember, my family and I lived in the ghetto; don’t get me wrong we were not dirty people, let me define ghetto. For some living in the ghetto is opening cans with a knife instead of a can opener which I had to do a lot of times. I love being a Mexican because we always find a way!!! Viva la Raza… LOL

Anyways, yes I am proud to say I was fortunate to have those ugly ass Medicaid glasses when I was a kid because we were too poor to have the pretty, classy ones; the important thing was I could see! If you had Medicaid in the 1990’s then you know what I am taking about.

(The mobile home)
I was fortunate to have the welfare cheese, damn was that cheese good! We were poor, but fortunate to have food on the table even though it was beans. The clothes I owned was either from the flea market or yard sales; man I remember those times! I hated getting up at 5am on the weekend to go to the damn yard sales. My parents would get the paper and look for the good yards sales in which we used to say the rich lived LOL, but I was fortunate to have clothes on my back. I have to admit that when I found an outfit that was so pretty, I felt like a princess; yes it was used but it was now mine.

At times my parents were so poor striving to make a living, Santa would not come, but guess what if I got lucky; he would come the day after Christmas in a Salvation Army bus with lots of toys and a basket of food, man that was like the best feeling ever; it wasn’t a slay but it was Santa Clause.

I had lived in a mobile home for as long as I could remember, until a couple of months ago I still lived in the same mobile home in which I grew up in and which is almost close to dust because it is falling apart. But you know what? I wouldn’t change my hardships, at times I actually thank God for them because they have helped me appreciate what is important.

My family never ever had new things, our furniture, dishes, clothes, etc. you name it, it was either from the thrift shop, flea market, or yard sales; but yet we were thankful for what we had.

Now I have been blessed with a mansion!!! That is what our new home is to me, a mansion, and yes for the first time in my life I have a NEW couch; it was in layaway for a several weeks and had to make several payments before I could finally bring it home,but it now sits beautifully in our new home.

(The NEW couch)

The dishes are still the same ones because I had a box that I had been saving to open for when the day I bought my house finally came; let me explain!

When I worked in retail at Foleys at the mall, things would fall down in price when they were discontinued and I would put them on my Foleys credit card if I was lucky to find the opportunity. At times being a single mom, it was hard to do that, but life is a risk, after 9 years of them being boxed up they now sit in my new house kitchen cabinets.

Retail is a hard and dirty job, and I used to complain about it when I left, but know that I think about it working there was a blessing because I was able to get the deals after the season was over. I would wait till summer was over to buy my son summer clothes for the following year, I would buy them big so when summer came again; he would be set. I did the same thing with winter. I used to get brand named clothing for my hijito, at times for $1 each. That was the bonus of working there; the down fall was I only got paid $6.50 hr. and worked like a dog. Worked random hours, never had weekends off, and hardly got to see my son; he was practically always at daycare!

This is why I decided to go back to school, to show my son the importance of education and that if you don’t have it life will be harder. One day I was sitting in my USED couch that was handed down to me from three generation thinking, Cristina you can do it, you can make a difference and give your son the life you never had. My son has always been the weapon of me being were I am now, and you know what? I’m still not done, there is still much more to do.

Those who have never been poor will never know the hardships and the feeling of having something other than beans for dinner. I am blessed and I wouldn’t change it for the world. I love my life and I am thankful for what I have learned because I have character, courage and the strength to tell people to fuck off if I need to; I will have great stories to tell my grandchildren, that is if I make it there.

Now at 27 years old I have been blessed with buying a new house! It’s not a new model, but it is mine, and it is not a mobile home located in a bad neighborhood. I have had to strive and work hard for what I have and I wouldn’t change it for the world because I can say I did it on my own even while being a single mother! So no one can tell me shit.

(The NEW home)

If you didn’t go through at least a few things I mentioned, then you were RICH in my eyes and you will never see what it truly is to appreciate not having anything. Even with that we were considered Middle Class because there are worst things in life, and everyday I pray for the hungry in Mexico and around the world who don’t even have a piece of bread to eat or clean water to drink. So do I consider my self blessed? Yes I do! So if I was finally able to buy a NEW couch after the shit I been through in my life, I hell ass have earned it, and I didn’t ask anyone to buy it for me!!!

(The USED dinning table)
Oh and before I forget, the dinning table is complementary of my dearest best friend “Lluvia”. Thank you my sista, it looks great in our kitchen, I love you and I know that your childhood was way harder than mine. You had to pick the fields out in the hot sun while still being a kid. That is why we are who we are now! We do share one thing in common though; both of our mothers had to deal with our alcoholic fathers. God bless these women for their strength and will power to raise us kids even through the worst of circumstances.Viva the Ghetto and thank God for those wonderful times because they have made me who I am.

It’s official…

Its official, my mother is moving back to Albuquerque; she moved to Denver around December in 2004. Recently her health has been going through a shade spiral for the past couple of years now; she has gone from bad to worse. Before she was up and at it, doing all the things we all do. Now she can’t even walk without her walker, cane, and oxygen; I was also able to help her get Medicaid to pay for the scooter she now owns. The scooter has made it easier for her to get around the grocery store and the mall; which she was not able to do before.

In Denver she lives alone; she has her brothers and sisters there, but they are to busy in there own lives. My brother also lives in Denver, but lets face it he just turned 19 years old and is to busy being a teenager doing nothing but getting high; he doesn’t work or go to school! He pays his rent only because he has the luck of receiving a disability check from the government for having ADD, but come on there is so many people out there with ADD that work and do not rely on the government, his motto is just being a lazy ass. My brother has been getting into trouble which only causes my mother more agony and stress; we really don’t know what to do with him. He doesn’t listen to our advice, so we have decided to let him be, and just pray to God to watch over him and to help him choose the right decisions in life.

Last week my mother got very ill, good thing she has the emergency device in her apartment; I’m not sure what it's called, but she carries a necklace around her neck; she can press it to get assistance if she feels ill or falls to the floor. She started to get really sick and was not able to breath so she panicked and pressed the button; they got her an ambulance, and rushed her to the emergency room. As soon as she got there they admitted her, she had chronic pneumonia. The doctor admitted her in the hospital for 4 days, due to her diabetes and health history; the doctor wanted to keep a close eye on her. Thank God she is now doing better.
On the day she was going to be released, the doctor said he would not let her go home without her oxygen tank; she kept calling my brother and no answer. My aunt and my cousins had to go knock on his door to open my mother’s apartment to get her oxygen. He was totally passed out. My aunt pulled him from the ears; as soon as my mom got home he left, he didn’t even stay a while to see how she was doing. Before he left he still had the nerve to tell my mother he was out partying the night before, getting high, and that some guys had got stabbed! Come on dude our mother just got out of the hospital and you were partying and now you’re telling her this information to worry her, to stress her out? What the hell is wrong with you? Ahhhuuuu this totally upsets me. Did I mention that a few months ago he stole her car and wrecked it? Well yes, he left her with no car!!

This is when I put my foot down and said no more!!! I convinced my mother to move back to Albuquerque, that I would find her an affordable apartment close to my house. This way in case she needs me, I am close by to take care of her, or if she needs to press her emergency button they can take her to the hospital and I am there; I work at the hospital so it would be easy for me to get to her if that were the case. She needs someone who can go pay her bills and buy her grocery’s. My brother Dimas bought a car for himself, and doesn’t even have the decency to give her a ride to where she needs to be, even knowing the fact that she no longer has a car due to his dumb ass.

I have been working in getting her a nice place around my area and found one available for the end of August. In September I have a follow up appointment with my cancer doctor in Denver; I am moving her back down here at that time. I just hope it all goes well with my health as well as hers.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Weird Dream…

On Saturday night I had the craziest dream; the good part of the dream was that I got to see my Chuy once more. Jesus was alive in my dream!
Before I explain exactly what my dream was about, first I need to go back in time into my past; this will help comprehend the dream a little better as to who the people in my dream were and what they symbolize.

Let’s go back in time to 1998; this was the year when Miguel Varela came into my life. Miguel and I started dating, he and my Jesus’ were third cousin, but they were not close at all. During this time I was 16 years old, Jesus and I were not together; he was in Longmont, Colorado. Miguel and I dated for about a week; he was in town visiting. I was drawn to Miguel; he knew how to dance and boy did he know how to kiss!

When he left Albuquerque to go to Kansas we decided to have a long distance relationship and see how things went from there. We would write and keep in touch as often as possible; I was falling deeply in love with him and I honestly believed there could be a future for the two of us being together.

In May 1998 it was the one day before the last day of school; it was my junior year in high school; I missed it! That day we got terrible news; Miguel had passed away; I left to Mexico the next day for the funeral, they had taken his body from Kansas to our pueblo in Matachic, Chihuahua Mexico. I was totally devastated and didn’t know why every time I was happy, I once again was separated by whom I had grown to love.

Ok, so getting to my dream now you know who Miguel is; well in my dream we were having the rosary for Eric Varela which is Miguel’s brother; he is still among us and is still alive. I dreamed he had died, but in my dream Miguel and Jesus were still alive. We were all crying around Eric’s coffin and surrounded by the entire family. In the dream Jesus and I were happy together, but then came a dark, dusty windy time during the rosary in when everything became a stronger sorrow; then Miguel and Jesus asked me to call the family.

In the dream I felt total sorrow because of Eric’s death, but at the same time I was happy with my Chuy being by my side. I also remember that in the dream Jesus was making me a tattoo of a cloud with rain drops falling; whatever that means, I have no clue. I have no tattoos on my body, and I am terribly afraid of them. I am not that faun of needles, so it doesn’t make any sense to me.

When I woke up I was in total shock, I had a bad feeling. I started to get worried for Eric’s well being, so I decided to text him and see if he was ok. I didn’t tell him exactly what I dreamt, but I did mention someone had died; of course I didn’t mention it was him who had died. I told him Jesus and Miguel were in my dream and had asked me to call. He said he was fine, but that his uncle had been shot the previous day, and he was in El Paso, Texas on his way to Mexico for the funeral. When he said that, I got chills, someone did die that night! It was not Eric, but it was someone in the family. Is it a sign or just plain coincidence? As for me, I will investigate; those who know me know how superstitious I can be. I will not rest until I find some answers as to what this dream means.

Psalm 27:1

"The Lord is my light and my salvation – whom shall I fear?The Lord is the stronghold of my life – of whom shall I be afraid?"Psalm 27:1

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