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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

After the rain stops the sun comes up and the rainbow shows up…

There is a saying in Spanish “Despues de la tormenta vuelve a salir el sol y sale el arcoiris” that means “After the rain stops the sun comes up and the rainbow shows up” I guess when unexpected things happen better things arise.
These past two weeks have been very stressful! On Thursday 2/3 when we got home from work and 2 water pipelines had busted and my entire first floor was flooded; we had no idea where to turn off the water it was awful.

The weather here in NM has been so cold hundreds of locations went through this same situation including businesses, and schools. My son was out of school for an entire week due to schools being flooded and the buses not being able to run due to the cold weather. On top of that the governor of NM put NM in state of emergency due to running low on natural gas and blackouts all over the state. Scary situation this is especially when NM never had any disasters or issues.

I have been living upstairs while my 1st floor is completely empty of furniture, the walls are cut about 1 foot off the bottom and fans have been blowing for over a week to dry up inside the walls to avoid mold. Ahhhh I am exhausted and have not been able to sleep peacefully because every noise I hear I think it’s another busted pipe.

I am just so thankful to God it was the 1st floor and not the 2nd floor; that would have been much worse. We have been eating takeout since we have no stove connected and the bad fall on that is I am broke! The insurance adjuster can not go see the damages until 2/14/11 that is 2 weeks waiting, but what can we do.

On other news Alejandro found a job yesterday and started today! This is such a blessing, and is going to be such great weight off my shoulders and a great help for me; I felt like the stress was going to tumble me down with all of these bills we have to pay. I guess God puts us through rough times to appreciate the things we have and don’t have in a whole different perspective.

Hope it all works out with the insurance company because if not I am totally screwed with all the costs  I am so anxious about this whole situation. Hope you all are having a better time than I am. God bless and stay safe.


  1. I'm so sorry to hear about the flooding. That totally sucks! I'm glad you have been taken care of and it sounds like you've been doing everything you need to do.

  2. Hey girl!!!
    Well, so glad it's not as bad as last week for you! I had no water!!!!
    Water company was all, wait it out! I went and bought the little cash I had left, worth of water gallons! It was really hard having to wash bottles with that! I didn't shower for days and had to heat some water so I could wipe myself. Por eso ya no te invite. Emma ya andaba desesperada porque yo creo que no la habia banado.
    Finally yesterday, cansada de estar esperando, hervi un galon de agua. I threw it at the main pipe, and in 40 minutes I had running water!!! Luckily, there were no leaks, so it's all good!

    Si quieres venir acostarte next week let me know in advance para limpiar...ya que no habia limpiado y pues ya sabes como son los banos cuando no hay agua! Todavia estoy limpiando la cocina...imaginate!!!


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