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Monday, June 7, 2010

It's Finally June...

Finally the month of June…

You may ask why my excitement or you may think I am dull, but “Twilight Eclipse” is out on June 29th! Alexandro, and I are very excited and can’t wait. We are very much into the Twilight era.

This past weekend went by way too fast! I slept through most of it; it’s like this is the only time I can truly catch up on my sleep. I guess I am taking a break from school for this semester since I was short on my financial aid for the summer this term; SUCKS, but what can we do? I guess it was kind of a God send because to be totally truthful, I am very tired. Full time mommy, full time student, and working full time have truly cached up to my last nerve! I can’t take a break from work or being a mother, so school will have to do! LOL.

Time is flying by and July is almost here uuughhh I hate it! I don’t want to get older; my birthday is on July 10th, and believe me I can wait! Yesterday I found another white hair; didn't ever think those would show up so soon, but oh well they're are a part of getting older, what can I say. I had found one on my bangs about a few months ago, and the one found yesterday is on the back part or my head. Uugghhh man, I had to of gotten my mother’s genetic genes; why couldn’t I have gotten my fathers? Damn! My father is actually older than my mother; they are 11 years apart.  My father is 69 years old and has a full set of black hair! My mother is only 58 years old and her hair is already salt-n-pepper as she so calls it.

So there you go, I got stuck with my mother genetic genes, and I also got the obesity genes from her as well; damn! I wish I would have got all my genes from my father because I’ve always wanted his skin and hair color. During my teenage years, I did dye my hair black, but didn’t look to great with black hair and pale white skin. LOL I looked like the living dead! Hehehehe My dad is skinny too! I don’t have the will power to go on a strict diet to lose the weight, even though I am doing pretty well in losing it slowly.  I just need to get the willpower I once used to have during my younger years.

I got my thyroid removed in 2008; due to thyroid Cancer so as you can see that truly doesn’t help my motivation ugghhhh! Back in 2002 I started on the Atkins Diet and I lost over 60 lbs. but not eating carbs got old really fast, but it worked that is until I got sick. LOL.

Anyways changing the subject today it’s Monday, and I am already waiting for the weekend; Oh please have it come soon!

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  1. I love the summer!! It's hot and sweat, but it's also the time of the year when I don't mind cleaning!!!!
    I also love that it's my birthday in the summer!!! Meh...I don't mind getting older. I'm in a place where I'm comfortable in my skin and don't give a shit about age, but living life! I stop caring about age when I turned 26, I believe!

    I confess, I watched New Moon this past weekend, and I hated it. Bella is so fucking emo!! It's like she had a vampire fang stuck up her asshole!!!

    I'm up for a good vampire story,..but these series ain't doing it for me. Oh well, you probably feel the same about Harry Potter! LOL


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