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Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Cancer Horror Continues…

On July 2, 2013 my doctor’s appointment was full of disappointment, Cancer levels showed once more in my blood results, but a biopsy would be needed to confirm that cancer had come back.  All that was going through my mind at that moment was “again” please Lord not again!  My biopsy ultrasound was scheduled to be done on July 23, 2013, I had some more blood work done and now all I could do is wait and pray the blood results were off or something was wrong with the results, but in back of my mind I knew it was true.


July 23, 2013 I took the day off from work to have my biopsy, I showed up at radiology and to my surprise the girl at the check in counter tells me that my biopsy has been cancelled and to go to the doctor’s office in the next building.  I was worried that the recent blood work I had done showed up horribly wrong and for some reason the biopsy was not able to be done, but that was not it at all; the doctor didn't show up for my procedure.  I was rescheduled for in 2 more weeks.  The waiting continues…


August 6, 2013 took the day off from work to get biopsy done; those procedures are painful and I was not going to show up to work after and be uncomfortable for all those hours.  I showed up wishing the doctor would show up and to get this terrible waiting process out of the way.  I check in, everything seems to be as planned and on time.  I go into the procedure room and half the biopsy has been completed; the doctor takes a few slides and tells me to hang in tight that he’s going to go check on the results of the slide and if it’s positive for Cancer he won’t continue pocking me with those dreadful needles.  He leaves; I cry and am full of anxiety while my son Alexandro is out in the lobby waiting, my fiancé Alejandro holds me tight and tells me everything is going to be alright.  I don’t know what is coming; its seemed like he was gone for hours but it was only in my imagination.  He comes back and states that the lymph node is negative and we will continue taking more slides.   He leaves and the waiting continues.  When he comes back it’s confirmed; cancer cells have been found and next step is treatment.  He wants to refer me to surgery.  I will not do it again.   I have had surgery 5 times and nothing is working.  Have not been cancer free for more than 2 years, something else needs to be done and surgery is not the first on my list.


Upcoming appointment is on August 12, 2013 to consult with a physician to get qualified for medical Marijuana through the state of NM and begin with "The Cannabis Treatment" to cure this CANCER!  I’m fed up with these doctors who don’t help get rid of it, I am done with man-made medicines, radiations, and surgeries!  May the Lord be with me and guide me to good health in this new treatment journey.  Please keep me in your prayers and I will keep in touch with treatment updates and outcomes. 

On August 28, 2013 I will be seeing my NEW doctor, Dr. Edwards; after all the horrible experiences, I'm switching to a different Endocrinology practice. Sending good vibes my way is greatly appreciated. 

Thanks for reading...


  1. I wish I could take the pain and fear away, but we know I can't. I will pray for you day and night. Right now I pray that the Lord will help you make the decision on your treatment.


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