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Monday, June 28, 2010

Over the weekend…

So how was everybody’s weekend? Mine was ok, can’t complain, well actually I do have a few things to complain about; not about my weekend, but of things that occurred during the weekend. On Saturday, USA was eliminated from the World Cup 2010 by GHA 2-1; it was a major disappointment for me.

Then I said well at least I still have my hopes put on my Mexico; maybe Mexico will win the World Cup 2010! Wrong again; on Sunday afternoon, Mexico was eliminated by Argentina 3-1, I actually got drunk on “Coronas”, and cried for a while. The passion of soccer for us Mexicans is unexplainable; the pain of always losing hurts our hearts deeply! I mean come on, I will be 28 years old on July 10th and I have never seen Mexico make it to the finals, it is so hurtful as well as disappointing!!!! Ahhhhuuuu why can’t we just win once?

I’m also very sad about what happened on Saturday.
On Saturday, June 26, 2010 Mexican singer Sergio Vega AKA (El Shaka) was murdered after a car chase by an assassination gang in Sinaloa near the hills of Barobampo, Mexico. His partner survived the firing, but sadly he lost his life.

This is a great loss for the Mexican music industry as well as the field of music in general. The murder took place right before the time when Sergio Vega was to join his crew for an upcoming musical tour. Lately Musicians who sing about Mexico’s Drug wars have often become targets of warring drug gangs, and at least seven have been killed in the past three years.

El Shaka was born on September 12, 1969 in Ciudad Obregon in the state of Sonora Mexico. Sergio Vega El Shaka belonged to a family which had a lot of background in music.

The following are just a few of his so many songs:

• Quien es usted

• Necesito Dueña

• Te queiro

• Me gusta estar contigo

• Te amo mucho

He will be missed dearly! *R.I.P Sergio Vega 1969-2010*

In other news, I would like to introduce you to the newest member of our family “Gris”; she is 7 weeks old, and we just got her yesterday! She is already a spoiled little brat. I bought her a little house for her to sleep in and she doesn’t want to stay in it; she gets out and jumps onto my bed. Gris doesn’t mow if she’s on the bed, but she mows as soon as you get her off; SPOILED!!!! Now we have 2 dogs and 1 cat. LOL

Nothing much else to say except that today I went to work, church, and home! Tomorrow again work, and to the gynecologist appointment; oh dear!!! Wish me lots of luck…I’ll let you know how it went.

Read ya later Earthlings :) Have a great night!


  1. Good good luck!! :) Everything will be great girly, remain positive and calm! Deep breaths ;)! I was also so upset that the US and Mexico are now out, how sad. Oh well maybe one day! and that kitty is absolutely it! Have a great start to the week chika!

  2. Cute kitty! You are allowed to spoil pets. My theory is, you're not trying to make a better person for society. Spoil those suckers! :)

  3. YAY! I can post a comment!!!

    Good luck with the GYN! Keep me posted!! :)
    Didn't know about the singer. No idea who he is, but sad sad sad...nonetheless...!


    Wish I could get one (Mark despises cats with a passion) lol


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