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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Stomach bug?

During the weekend I started with an upset stomach ouuuchhhh! Not sure what triggered it; my mom told me there is a bug going around, but who knows. On Monday I started to get a fever while at work; on Tuesday when I got up to get ready for work well lets just say it was not going to happen! I felt awful; don’t you just hate it when you have the stomach flu or sort of a bug? It is the worst feeling ever.

Today I woke up kind of the same; I was even hesitant if I should go to work or not, but I made it through the day. I just hope it is not something serious. I have been having some menstrual problems; today I received an email from WebMD regarding menstrual problems; coincidence? Weird hu? Some of the symptoms I am currently having where in that e-mail. I have to admit that with my health history, I freak out easily so you can imagine how I felt when I saw the possibility of ovarian Cancer! Terrifying issue for me… Cancer again? Really are you serious? Could it be? Cristina why do you always think of the worst? Panic attack! Ok I will calm down now; promise!

My menstrual cycle has gone way out of whack, I have been getting my period every 2 weeks, and it is scary as well as very annoying. I have an appointment on June 29th with the gynecologist who I am so dreading aahhhhhh! I don’t like the gynecologist, I would much rather go to the dentist! I just hope all things go well, and whatever I have is not serious; I am scared they will either tell me I have ovarian cancer or that I will no longer be able to have more children. I want to have at least one more baby before I shut down the factory. Now all I can do is hope it all goes well next Tuesday.

The following was on WebMD:

You're Bleeding In Between Periods

This is one period problem you shouldn’t ignore. "If you're bleeding between periods, it should be investigated," Loffer says.

Causes can range from something benign -- such as having an irritated sore in the vaginal area or forgetting to take your birth control pill -- to something as serious as an ectopic pregnancy or cancer. Visit your doctor for an exam.

The first thing that popped out to me from that information was the word “CANCER”. I don’t know if I have the strength to fight cancer again! Maybe I am worrying for no reason; ok peeps write to you later, I am now going to bed. Good night…


  1. Those webmd emails are terrible! Because if you search you have a nosebleed, it's almost certainly a tumor!! Don't worry about those. It's good you made a doctor appointment, though.

  2. Oh honey, I know how it can be to jump to the worst conclusions, it's like our brain is wired that way, specially like you said with your history. I have panic attacks which always make me feel like I am dying of something, specially hear attacks. The best advice I can offer is to try to remain calm push out all those bad ideas of What if? and why this? and try to make it to your appointment. I sure do hope you feel better from that stomach bug, those things suck I hate being sick, and as for the gynecologist, I also much rather go to the dentist. I'll be checking up on your blog to see how you are doing, you take care and I'll keep you in my prayers :).


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