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Friday, June 25, 2010

Finally Friday…

So today is finally Friday! YAY Thank goodness; this was one of the longest weeks of my life, maybe because I have not been feeling so great. I still feel like I have a fever and my stomach doesn’t feel that 100% yet! At least I get to rest this weekend, as soon as I got home I took a nap! I have felt so exhausted lately, sometimes I fear my “Cancer” is back and that is why I feel the way I do; I totally freak out!


In other frustrations my college is totally driving me nuts, first they told me I would not be able to go to this summer term because I owe money back because I got my Pell grant prematurely or something like that, and even though they stated I was not going to be able to start classes they registered me anyway. Really! Are you Serious! Well I didn’t know, so I have not been doing homework; then I decided to start on homework and they tell me that if I want to continue to have access to class, I need to pay what I am short on no later than June 29th. Ok so I e-mailed them to withdrawal me from the course, and now they want to charge me to withdrawal! What? Can you talk about confusion? I am totally stressing over these! Fawk… I sent another email because I can never get them on the phone; let see if there is a response when I log into my e-mail tonight.

Ok well changing the subject, what are you gonna do this weekend? I am going to rest, rest, and rest some more! Catch up on some movies on the Internet, um yeah I see bootlegged movies on the Internet LOL, I do save the ones I truly want to see for the big screen; even then, I go to the early bird viewing because lets face it now in days going to the movies is so darn expensive, right? Imagine there are 3 of us, $10 each ticket that is $30 bucks for 1 movie; that is what I paid for the concert tickets for August 1st! Crazy! I’d rather get up earlier and just pay ½ price of $5.

On my way home my son called that his nino/uncle would be dropping him off later tonight because they were at his cousin’s baseball game! SWEET… I came straight home and took a nap; I slept until he got here, then we ate dinner, talked for a bit, and went to bed. Did I mention it is so awesome it is finally Friday? LOL Have a good weekend everyone!

**I would also like to take the time to welcome my new followers, hope we can become good buddies**

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