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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Father’s Day…

How was your Fathers Day? Mine was totally awesome! Alejandro, Alex and I had so much fun at the zoo. We got there early to walk around the zoo before the concert started. We decided to take our own cooler filled with drinks and food; it saved us a lot of money that is for sure, and we had a great time while saving some mula!

Beatriz Adriana was amazing; it was so cool to see a person I have idolized since I was a little girl.  I sang along with every song; I even danced in the grass with my little Alex.

This outing helped us do something together as a family, and it helped me realize how sweet my Alejandro is! He is a sweet guy…

I called my dad and my brother to wish them a lovely Fathers Day.  I invited my dad to the concert, but he had his own plans with his lady which truly doesn’t surprise me! That is dad for you; in his own little world, in Luis town. It’s all good though, whatever makes him happy, and floats his boat; I did my part.

The weather was so very crazy, all day long it was hot; I even got sun burn on my ears to prove it, and yes I had sunscreen on. Right when Beatriz Adriana came out, the best part of the concert in which we were all waiting all day for, a wind storm began. Then on top of that it started raining. Oh well! I sure didn’t care; nothing was going to get me away from that concert.

When we got home we ate the left over pizza from the night before, relaxed in front of the television, and watched a reality show called “Desafio”. After that I have no idea, I don’t even remember at what time I dosed off. The weekend was too short, I guess that’s the way it feels when you’re having fun! From a close of eyes it would soon be Monday once again and off to work! One down and 4 more to go.

It would be totally awesome if I would win the lottery, and I no longer had to work; wouldn’t that just be so great? Yes, it would!!! I guess I can keep on dreaming, hey you never know it can happen. =P For now I am thankful God provides me with good health and employment :) Hope you have an excellent week, soon the weekend will arrive once again! God bless.


  1. Hey girly so glad that you had a good weekend, I love the zoo!! I also had a pretty good weekend and I am grateful to God for everything he provides me with as well as much as I wish I could win the lottery as well! :)

  2. COOL WEEKEND!!! So happy to know you had a good time!! Alejandro seems like really nice guy! Mark thinks so too.

    Our Father's Day was boring, for me, anyway. I had to rub Mark and then he made me watch three movies he likes (which I hate), and then we ate what HE wanted. And then he forced me to watch TV shows with him. And don't even get me started at bedtime an the things he got me to do for Father's Day. Thank goodness it only comes once a year. :D


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