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Friday, June 18, 2010

Ay Ay No...

So I talked to my mother last night and she has decided not to move to Albuquerque after all. She states she called around were she needed to call, and she would not be able to have the same benefits she currently has in Denver.  My mother is ill and on disability so I truly understand where she is coming from, so I guess I would just have to accept her decision!

The funny part was the story! oh man the stories my mother tells me, including the ones I have seen in person.  Dude for real, when we talk on the phone we last for hours just laughing at the idiotic things that happen to her. So several months ago I applied for her to get a scooter which she did get; this makes it so much easier for her to get around to go to the grocery store and so fourth, anyways the women managed to fall even while on the dang scooter! Yeah she didn't manage to drive straight and got out and ramped off the side walk, I still don't know how she manages to do these things. LOL My mother has fallen so many times I have lost count.  When I bought my house, she came down from Denver to see it and stayed for a few weeks with us; in the time she was here she fell a total of 5 times.  One of those times, we were not able to lift her up, and I had to call the fire department, and let me tell you those fire fighters were hot!!! whhhuuuuuuwwwwhooo  LOL  You gotta love her!

So today at work it was a more relaxing day for me; I read blogs on google reader between calls; thank goodness google reader wasn't blocked on our network.  Today I tried to put my mind at ease, I think reading at work between calls is the thing that works best for me, it totally helped ease my stress. You know what I will be doing from now on! 

After work we went to Home Depot to buy a water hose for the A/C that busted; I ended up buying $125 dollars worth of stuff, but it was a good deal.  I purchased some flowers and fertilizer for my front lawn; I am so excited to get started on that tomorrow!!! I will post pictures when it has been completed, it is a working progress.  When we got out of Home Depot I decided for us to come back home to leave the stuff so someone wouldn't steal it in the parking lot when we took Alexandro for his Hip-Hop class; I don't know if that was such a good idea! (stay tuned).

We left to hip-hop class; it lasted for about 1 hour. Alex seemed kind of bord since he already knew most of those moves, the instructor said they would start on new choreography next week.  Maybe then he will get more into it.  (P.S. Erika my co-worker was there with her daughter too)

I am so proud of my negro, he is a good dancer, I just hope he sticks to it and doesn't get bord of it.  When we got home from hip-hop I totally freaked! The garage door was left open; I guess I forgot to close it or something when we came home to drop off the stuff we purchased.  Good job Cristina drop of the stuff at home so they won't steal it in the parking lot, but leave all the doors open at the house so they take it all! Man it was a scary situation.  I said ok the garage door left open, no harm done, not a big deal, at least the door is locked to get into the house; wrong again!!! Alejandro left the dang door unlocked, I was like man you didn't lock the door? Thank God no one noticed we weren't home; this is how you can tell you live in a good neighborhood.  The sign of the neighborhood watch is in front of my driveway so I guess that helps a lot, or so I think. LOL It was a long day.

Thank God it's finally Friday tomorrow... YAY!


  1. Hi There.
    I'm looking for your Friday-Follow post.
    Have a great day!

  2. Hey girl! Thanks so much for stopping by! I'm following you back! And I have actually left the front door open to our house! Like wide open! Scary!

  3. that class looks fun :)! I want to try something like that but for adults lol Have a great weekend :)!

  4. LOL @ your mom's falling. I feel bad laughing, but I only do it because she is great with laughing at herself as well. So I guess I'm laughing with her. XD

    I can't wait to see videos of Alex, dancing!!!


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