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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Not much to tell…

Today was one of those days you’re at work, and all you think about is going home!

I also miss my buddy Charlene from Academy Corporation, I so miss it there; good times, good times! Anyway it is what it is and I must be grateful for what I have until something better soon arrives.

I don’t want to just answer phones for the rest of my life, I need to graduate soon and start to accomplish the goals I have stuck in my head. Some day, one day I will own my own company; it doesn’t need to be big or huge. It just needs to bring in the “papa” like us Mexicans say, just enough to pay the bills, pay my college loans, and get my kid through college!

(The monkey is not relevant to the blog; I just thought it was funny!)

I’m still stuck with the hope of winning the lotto LOL I would be one of those people who would share her wealth with those less fortunate, with the people I love, and those who are special to me. Maybe some day not to far off! Keep on hoping hu?

Today when 5:00 p.m.came I was so grateful! I can’t wait till July when I have a few days off from that place; that phone beeping noise finally gets to you after a while, also those patients who think they are the only patients in the planet huuuuu annoying. We have thousands of patients who have butt issues ok, not just you!

In other news, my excitement grows each day because each day it gets closer to June 30th; and you know what that means right? No? Well “Eclipse” will be in theaters on that day and we are so going! Who wants to tag along?

Yesterday I also bought 3 tickets to go see “Vicente Fernandez” the King of Mexican Regional Music at the Journal Pavilion! Heck ya!!!! Lawn tickets were on sale yesterday for only $10, you can’t beat that! I saw him in concert last year; I was one of the crazy women who bought 2x tickets for $180 each, but it was so worth it.

Alexandro had hip-hop class today and learned some new hip-hop moves! Write to you later; the weekend is almost here. YAY!!!

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  1. YAY! for the weekend! Wow lately you have been seeing some cool people in concert, I am just a little jealous lol. I wish I could totally tag along to see Eclipse with you, maybe if I lived back in El Paso lol. :)


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