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Friday, February 11, 2011

I got me some new pillow cases...

I ordered some awesome pillow cases; they are 400 thread count Luxor Treasures Solid Pillowcase from The CSN Online Stores,  a set of 2 is was only $14.99 can't beat that for 400 thread count!!!! I ordered one original set, and one king size set.  The both sets are in Hunter Green; they match my light green comforter set, you should feel how soft they are!  I love them.

Next I am thinking of ordering me some new sheets to match my new pillow cases and my comforter. The 400 Thread Count Striped Sheet Set with Solid Hem are only $35.99.

I am so excited,  I love new sheets especially when they are over 200 threat count; I am a person who can not sleep without sheets, and I have not bought new sheets in over 2 years!!!  No way, awful hu?  I am not a store shopper so shopping online suits me well! LOL

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend my dear readers!  :)


  1. Nice sheets! I also like to get sheets over 250 count, but I'm so cheap! I love deals like this.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Nice!! I haven't bought sheets in over two years as well!!!

    I'd love to have me some bedding that is over 200 thread count! Must be nice!! :-)


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