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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Sex and the City 2

Last night I set my alarm for 8:30 am so I could get up to get ready and go to the early bird viewing of Sex in the City 2.

My boyfriend hogged the bathroom for so long, I kept on yelling hurry up, I need to take a shower!!! Nada the man would not come out, maybe he didn’t want me to go, but I was determined! Come on I have the entire Sex in the City collection including the movie, and soon the new one too when it comes out on DVD of course, so I am going Mr.!!!

I left the house at 9:54 am and the movie was starting at 10:15 am; I got there at 10:07 am. I was hauling ass on the freeway, but I made it. I want the movie now, and so ready to watch it again, ah I want it now!

Every time I watch a scene from Sex in the City, I want to find a love like that, something that is true love and full of passion! Like what Jesus and I once had, I really miss that. I am not going to ruin the movie for you, all I can say that it was awesome, and I didn’t want it to end. I miss being in love and feeling that passion.

Yes, Like Carrie said, all relationships are different and can set up their own rules, but the relationship in which I am in now is missing the spark, and the passion. I guess because the LOVE is just not there! How do you tell someone who loves you, you have tried, but it’s just not working out?

I miss wanting to kiss and touch with passion! It’s an awesome feeling to hug and kiss the man you love; instead I’m doing the run around and feel like yelling and running off screaming! On my way back home from the movie theater, as I was turning onto my street, this handsome Mexican cowboy put down his window and threw me a kiss while nodding his hand hello; I smiled and flirted back. I was flattered and loved the attention! This also makes me realize that I am not happy with my relationship, because if I were, I would not be interested in other men I see in the street. What to do? I guess it will all be decided in time, I just hope it is sooner than later.

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  1. You'll figure it out, girl! Thanks for going to the movie with me yesterday, I'm so glad you came!


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