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Friday, May 14, 2010

Dreaming the World is Ending

 Those who know me, know I am a very superstitious person! Lately I have been having these crazy dreams. I have always believed that our dreams are a way in connecting to an outer dimension or are signs of what can or will happen in the near future. I believe all our dreams are a tool of communication of some sort; I don't know how it works, but what I do know is that it happens.

In the dream I have been having lately; the world ends!! Very scary stuff. In the my dream my son, my ex-boyfriend Cesar, and I are in a restaurant having lunch and all of a sudden the sky starts to get black. When we leave the restaurant there are tons of people walking and running through the streets. People are breaking things, fighting against each other, and causing fires. There is a lot of arguing and grief all around. My son starts to get scared, and asks, "Mommy what is happening; is it time mommy?" The only thing I can respond is I don't know babe, I think so!

When we get home, our house is completely destroyed and there is nothing left of it. We leave and try to find refuge; we pass security and sneak into a white building. There is a door with stairs and a ladder is attached after the stairway ends: we climb up the ladder and end up in a huge conference room where there already is a couple of people sitting in the corner scared as we were. The conference room we are in is all made of windows and we can see what is happening outside; people are fighting, arguing, and killing each other. Everything is Dark, there is no light, and it is so very cold. Hours later the ground starts to shake, and buildings begin to fall down. The windows from the conference room were we were at, start to break with the impact of the earthquake; the building starts to tilt down to the right and we begin to slide down. Cesar holds on to a pool attached to the wall; Alexandro and I hold on to him and begin to yell and cry. We begin to tilt more and more; when we are about to fall out of the window, I wake up.

I truly do not know what this dream means; I have a dream dictionary at home, but it is kind of difficult to search on it since it focuses more on just one event, and not on different occurrences, so I decided to surf the internet for some answers, conclusions, or at least for an opinion on what it could mean. I found this website called dream interpretation-End of The World written by a psychologist named Hope. Hope suggests the dream means suffering, anxiety, and depression. I guess this can be right since I have been feeling this way for a long time; and how not to feel this way; with all the things that happened in my life recently, it is hard not to. I have suffered through illnesses, my child having a surgery, and going through the pain of losing the greatest love of my life! I guess I will just have to deal with the fact that I will be having these kind of dreams till until I can cope with my sadness. I have been taking my depression medication and have been feeling better. Maybe it is an unconscious situation in which I truly don't feel happy on the inside, even though I try to trick my mind that I am.

All I can do is hope for a good outcome...

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