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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Older makes you wiser...

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Greeting earthlings!

Yesterday I started reading my free book from Book Sneeze; I was so excited to finally have the time to get started on it. In about an hour I read 4 chapters; I just could not put it down; I am practically almost done with the entire book. It really made me think about how I lived my life before, how I live my life now, and how I will live it later when I get older.

Dale talks about her career, of what she did as a young business owner, wife, and mother. She talks about the constant business trips and the constant busy schedule she once had. Now as an older woman she has learned what her second calling is and how to slow down; she now has many adventures that have left her great heart warming satisfactions. Dale makes great points, and makes total sense of what she says about God doing the things he does for a reason. I my self always thought that way, but not exactly as she puts it! I have learned how to admire her will to help others and help woman around the world be strong and understand that when we get older it’s because that is the way God wants us to be, and that we are beautiful not from our outer appearance, but from our inner self, God has a purpose for our soul and why he put us on earth.

Anyway long story short; reading through the chapters has truly made me think. Now I know I’m not the only one who thinks things do happen for a reason; they happen to make us stronger; to learn to appreciate what we have, and learn from the hardships of life. Like Dale says, it is for the purpose to use later in your true calling for when you grow older and closer to God! I am now curious to know what my second calling truly is.

I’m almost done with school, and I’m so very excited about it, but now I wonder if this will help me find my true calling? What is my purpose of being here on earth for? I guess we will find out eventually. What do you think your true calling might be? Please share you insights, Have a blessed day!

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  1. Hey girl! I have a blog too! I'm glad you joined us bloggers!!! It's an awesome community!

    What is my true calling? No idea, but one thing I DO KNOW is that no one is NEVER too good to do anything in life. It's never a good idea to decline a job because you don't think it's for you. YOu won't know, unless you try. I'm a firm believer of trying anything new and even old. You never know what you might learn or experience you might gain. There are too many people out there thinking that this or that is not for them, without even giving it a chance. :)


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