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Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Hello my fellow readers,
I'm doing great or at least I think I am, never can tell; my mood can change very quickley!  I was thinking about what to write and then it came to me "Break-ups!"  The reason why this came to mind was, because last night my 9 year old son Alexandro came up to me after seeing a commercial on TV about a girl breaking up with a guy; he said, "mommy break-ups are hard hu? mommy break-ups make people suffer a lot, and all because us men can't let go of our pride and be understanding to what the woman is feeling." 

I stood there starign into his beautiful black eyes in plain shock on the fact that the 9 year old standing in front of me saw it from a woman's point of view of how difficult realationships can be.  He says "mommy how many break-ups have you had in your life time?" I started to wonder and went back in time to count, my answer was about ten times which included those relationships that were not too serious anyway.  My little boy looked at me and said "mommy I am so sorry you have suffered through the painful stress of break-ups, you are a wonderful woman and you will make a great lover" LOL My kid says the darnest things!  I was not expecting that!

Then Alex says "mommy why does life have to be so complicating?" I said, "son I have been asking myself the same question for as long as I know."  He kissed my cheek and said, "I love you mommy" and dosed off into the hall playing with his sord.  He did not realize how in shock he left me.  I was like wow!

It amazed me on how much a kid can know, how intelangent, and obserbate they can be! He asked me if he would know how to find a wife when he grew up. My response was, "Son it will come in time, for know don't worry about things like that and have fun being a kid" he said, "ok mommy" and just left on to go play.

Things like this make you wonder, if a child can see these things, why can't us as adults realize what happens around us?  Sometimes we live our life with our eyes completly closed to the realiatiy we live in!  I love you Alex.


  1. Children tend to be much more instinctive than adults. Not sure when we lose that.


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