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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

He Exists...

Every morning I listen to my Spanish station on the radio "Recuerdo 106.3" while I take a shower and get ready. I love listening to my Spanish music while I get ready; it makes my morning more pleasant and it gives me a boost to start the day.  Normally the radio announcers say stupid things that just make me laugh; or they say something in which I know is wrong, and I end up arguing with the radio. Me arguing with the radio makes my son totally crazy; he says, "mom who are you arguing with?", and all I can say no one babe, I'm just fighting with the radio.

Today something they shared with us truly touched my soul, and it stayed in deep down; it even made me cry while I was putting on my eyeliner. They shared a story of a little girl that lives in Mexico. This couple lived in Mexico and were atheist; they had a daughter and never talked to her about religion, Jesus, or God.  At the age of 5 years old the little girls parents had an argument in which lead her father to kill her mother then committed suicide right in front of her.  The girl was put up for adoption. A lady who was not able to have children took her in, her adoptive mother put her in catholic school. On her first day of school her adoptive mother explained to the teacher the little girl's parents were atheist and she didn't know you Jesus was and to please have patients with her.  The class started and the teacher pulled out an image of Jesus and asked the class raise your hand if you know who this is.  The little girl raised up her hand; the teacher asked, "sweety you know who he is?'  She responded, "I don't know who he is, but he was hugging me on the night my parent's died." Hearing this story gave me chills of happiness.  I have never seen him either, but I know he is real and that he has helped me through the worst of situations. The faith in our hearts is what gives us hope each day!  God bless you.

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