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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy 27th Birthday (July 2009)

 Every year I write a summary of one more year. Last year it was like being born again, I turned 27 years old, but it was like starting a whole new life again. In 2008 I passed my 26th birthday sick in the hospital with Cancer. I was not able to celebrate it that year, I prayed to God everyday to give me the opportunity to gain my health again; to keep me here and alive, and you know what? He did, God blessed me with the strength to keep on fighting and the greatest birthday gift he have me was to continue being here on earth. I am very grateful for all the blessings God has provided me with. Turning one more year was the greatest gift he could give me! My Cancer came out negative and I feel better than ever; I have always believed that God always does things for a reason; what happened to me has made me change for the better. I no longer notice the little things; the problems or the things I can not resolve; with time God will take care of them. Why worry about the things we can not change now, just has faith and they will soon have a resolution. Until then live life and be happy.

I have learned that resentment doesn’t take us anywhere, and forgiveness opens doors and greater opportunities. I have learned to live life to the maximum, and make as much friends as possible; friendship is worth the while. If I can help a friend just with a smile or with a simple advice, I feel complete. I have to admit that before, I always used to worry about everything; that I wanted a new house that because mine is falling down, more money to pay the bills, a savings in the bank of Alex’s college. Now I appreciate and give thanks for the things I do have. If in the near future something better comes, I will receive them with open arms and will gladly appreciate them, but the tomorrow no one knows what it will bring; therefore we must appreciate what we have now. Of course we also have to strive and work hard in order to reach our dreams, but those will soon arrive with time. My house may be poor, but it is rich with love, and I am thankful to have a roof over my head and have a place to live in; there are people who are not as fortunate as me to have what I have.

I thank God for the lesions he has provided me with in order to open up my eyes to see and to realize what truly is important and is worth the while; to leave the little things behind in which don’t matter. I have learned to live my present, forget about the past, and not to think about tomorrow. Life is beautiful and we all decide how we want to live or see it. I strived really hard to be here, I know that miracles do happen; I have lived through them; I’ve seen them through me. Alone or with a love I am happy! I have learned that no one completes me as person; yes it is true that having the love of a partner is beautiful; to have someone who loves and respect you is totally awesome, but I have also learned that first we first must learn to complete ourselves and love ourselves before we can love somebody else; if a love comes it will not be to complete me as a person, but to share a healthy relationship filled with love and respect.

At the moment I don’t have a job but I know God has blessed me with many other things far more important, and I know he will soon help me find a job in which I can be proud of. I now have completed 3 years towards my career and with the help of God by next year I would have completed my degree; I know that is how it will be! Thank you God for providing me many blessings in my life; you have given me health and the opportunity to be here; to take care of what is most precious to me; my beautiful baby! Alexandro I love you mijo; even though you say you are now 8 years old and that you are a big boy, you will always be my precious baby. God thank you for giving me true friendships; those who have been there through thick and thin and have blessed me with a smile or with their advice! Now I know I am not alone, I have God and lots of people who love me!

Now I know I am worth while and that life is precious; we must enjoy it to the maximum while we still can, because life is short to be worrying about stupid things that aren’t worth it. Live life like it is coming to you, if you had a bad day, imagine in your mind how you would have of wanted it to be, go to sleep happy, and tomorrow it will be another day full of new adventures and new experiences. Now I feel complete and happy every day and I owe it to my dear Lord that never let me give up and helped me keep my faith strong. When God takes something away, it is not to punish you, but he does it so you can open your hands to receive something better. God bless everyone and thank you for your friendship that you always provide me with. With all my heart thank you! Happy 27th Birthday Cristina*la*loca.

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