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Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Hopes and Dreams of a Mexican Immigrant

Inhumanity and Lack of Compassion

I cannot bring myself to understand the inhumanity, and lack of compassion our countries government has brought upon us today. The inconsideration against illegal immigrants everyday goes from bad to worse. I want people and the government to understand the meaning of humanity and respect. I want the government and the individuals who are against immigrants to put themselves into the immigrant's shoes for once. I want them to realize the hardship and misfortunes they go through everyday. I want everyone to have the same opportunities as everyone else is entitled.

I cannot say I agree with illegal immigration or with immigrants who illegally cross our United States borders without legal documentation because I know it is wrong. What I can understand is why they decide to make this decision. United States of America is one of the greatest countries in the world. Everyone who was born here can truly say I am proud to be an American, I do everyday. We as American Citizens have the right to our freedom, employment opportunities, and help from our government when we are in hunger.

Mexican Government

Mexico unfortunately does not have the same opportunities. Even though Mexico is a free country it is governed by the worst corrupted presidents. Mexican presidents care more about their own status and well being. They do not care about making a difference to their country never the less to their citizens. Although this is truly sad for me to say I honestly believe the Mexican government only cares about planning how to steal money before their presidency is over. This government can care less about innocent Mexicans who die everyday trying to survive; Mexicans who die of hunger, or have no occupation to support their family. In Mexico, if one is fortunate to have an employment one is lucky if paid 50 dollars per week. I do not understand why everything in Mexico is much more expensive than it is here in the United States when life there is much more difficult, and salaries are so much less. The only cause to blame for Mexican immigration is the Mexican government it self.

The Mexican Dream

It is not easy to cross the Mexican border; hundreds of Mexicans lose their lives everyday to reach a dream. The Mexican dream is to survive, gain employment, work hard to give their families a decent way of life. To overcome the racism of individuals who see them just simply as a criminal.

The dream of a Mexican is just to work hard, make money to send to their families who are having a hard time of survival in Mexico. The Mexican mother who leaves her children behind with the hope of seeing them one more time; she crosses that border with the dream of buying books to be able to send her children to school, to give them a decent meal, and put clothing over their backs.

The Mexican father and husband who leaves without knowing if he will ever see his family again; he crosses that border without knowing if he will make it or die trying. He takes the risk to give his family the opportunity to have a better well being, to have his wife and children seen by a doctor and pay for their medications because in Mexico if one does not have money it can be impossible to be treated at a hospital.

The Mexican son whom crosses at the age of 15 years-old leaves his child hood and studies behind because his tired of seeing his parents old, tired, and ill. He needs money to help pay for his parent's medications and help raise his brothers and sisters. Mexicans do not cross our borders for luxury they cross it for necessity.


Immigrants in the United States have helped our economy a great deal over the years. They have now made this country their home and have been working so hard for their survival, and for their family. Ever since George W. Bush the United States government has changed. The government now seems to see immigrants only as criminals that have broken the law. The government has lost humanity and compassion, our government now tells immigrants they have to leave. Immigrants now have to change their way of living. They now need to leave the life they have worked so hard to gain over the years. To the immigrant they are not just telling them to leave, they are telling them to wait to die, wait to live, or just wait for an absolution.

The United States government wants to make the Spanish language extinct and for it to become a crime. I refuse to let go of my heritage and I refuse to stop speaking my language. I will speak Spanish for the rest of my life and it will be passed on to my children. Some states have already taken certain rights away from immigrants. Although immigrants have helped our economy for years they no longer have the right to rent a place to live. Residential owners have been forced to refuse renting to immigrants. Even some companies have been forced to refuse their services to immigrants, for example: gas, electric, cable, or telephone companies. These events are uncompassionate to my opinion. Where and how are all these individuals supposed to survive? These circumstances are against humanity; to leave all these individuals out in the street without the language they only know, without a home, and without employment. The United States government is not only being uncompassionate against immigrants but also to the immigrant's family.

Thousands of families are being forced to be separated by all these new laws being set. Hundreds of Mexican immigrants have children who have been born in the United States and are American citizens. Even though they are American citizens they are being forced to leave their parents; their parents are being sent back to Mexico. Some children have no other family other than their immigrant parents and are being forced to move to Mexico; a country they do not recognized. These children are being cheated out of the opportunities from the country they were born in.

Proud To Be Mexican American

Not only am I proud to be American but, I am proud to be Mexican. I am proud to be a daughter of a Mexican immigrant, although my father has been a legal resident for years now, he once was an immigrant himself. He has told me many sad and scary stories about his gurneys. Even though these events took place over 50 years ago my father still remembers them as if they were yesterday. He speaks about the times he had to cross the border as an illegal immigrant. Once he mentioned to me, he and his friends had to eat a cat. They had been walking for days with nothing to eat. They were so hungry they killed a cat they found and cooked it to eat; this was just one of his many gurneys. Still to this very day I remember my father's words and it makes me so sad to hear my people are being so mistreated. Although I was not born in Mexico I carry it in my blood and I believe in their pain. I will always support my people even if I am aware they have broken the law. I know it was done for a reason, it was broken to survive. I wish all the individuals who see immigrants as criminals will think back at my words and put themselves in their shoes. Do these people not think they would have done the same thing? I know if I had to risk my life for my son or my family, I would without a doubt; even if I had to break the law.

I want the United States government to give a more reasonable solution to all these individuals that have once risked their lives for a better absolution. I want the government to take into consideration the families that are being forced to separate. There is other ways to handle immigration. Protect our borders with higher security so no other immigrants come in and die in the desert. To the immigrants that are already living here should have the right to stay together with their family. Let's not give them an award of being thrown out worse than dogs, let us be compassionate to those who once decided to cross a border and risk their lives for a better dream.

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