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Monday, April 18, 2011

Update on this past Palm sunday weekend...

Oh my goodness today is my consult with the surgeon and I am almost positive my surgery will be this week. I checked her schedule and she has tomorrow and Friday open! I know it had to come, but now that is has, I am very nervous. My dad called yesterday and said he dreamt I was healthy and thin like I used to be before; I wish that was the case. He said maybe my dream means you are going to get well. I sure hope that is true.

So in other news, Alexandro lost a tooth on Friday; he was so excited about getting money from the tooth fairy. Usually years back when he lost a tooth the tooth fairy would give him $5 a tooth, now the tooth fairy is broke so she only gave him $2 LOL LOL LOL. So he put his tooth under the pillow on Friday and on Saturday he comes into my room saying mom the tooth fairy didn’t give me no money; (*the tooth fairy had forgotten about it ooppss), oh no babe maybe she is on vacation I told him. LOL LOL LOL. Oh I guess that is it mom; lets see if she comes tonight. So when he fell asleep my BF went in to get the tooth and put the $2. Sunday morning he comes in and says mom the tooth fairy is back from vacation she gave me $2 dollars; I think the molars are only $2 because for canines she always would give me $5, I need to lose a canines so I can get more money mommy. LOL LOL LOL funny!!!

On Saturday I was supposed to go to a birthday party, but I stayed in bed all day long; I was not feeling good at all, my entire body was hurting. I was so excited for the weekend to arrive and then the illness hit me; it is so weird like some days I can be ok and others I can’t even move. Literally I feel like a woman of 80 years old!!! It is so frustrating for our minds to feel so young and our body to feel older than it is. I just hope it gets better after the surgery. Well that is it for today folks, have a wonderful week.

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  1. Good luck on the surgery! And you were quick with your son and the tooth fairy! :)


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