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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

MD Anderson…

So on Monday I went to my consult with the general surgeon Dr. Kimberly Vanderveen, great person by the way; she explained my entire situation and as it looks it is more complicating than I thought. The type of cancer that I have will never ever really go away, it’s like weeds in your yard you cut them, kill them and eventually sooner or later they come back; obviously that is not what I wanted to hear, but I appreciate her honesty. Dr. Vanderveen gave great detail to everything I needed to know.

It all got to me and I started crying; she said Cristina you’re so young and I want the best treatment for you so you can learn to live with this and survive, I don’t want this cancer to be life threatening to you in the future because if we don’t get this done soon it can spread to the rest of your body, lungs, blood vessels, and bones. With all this information all giving to me at once, I could not take all the emotional distress and tears just rolled down my eyes. The doctor asked me if I had children, I answered yes a 9 year old son, this is when she started crying with me which made me feel she cared what I am going through. The result is the surgery can not be done here in Albuquerque; there are a lot of risks. This surgery requires a lot of detail and a surgeon with experience.

I have been referred to MD Anderson to Dr. Gary Clayman. If I would stay and do the surgery here in Albuquerque I have the risk of losing my life or losing my voice for ever since the lymph nodes which have cancer is surrounding the vocal box and cords. There are also more lymph nodes surrounding over areas of the neck and upper chest. The surgery I will be having is about 10 hours long. I left the office crying and totally scared of what the next few months hold for me.

After the consult I went to my dads I needed comfort from a blood relative; he showed much concern and since we don’t have the financial resources to go on a trip to Houston Texas at this time he decided to go ask the bank for a loan so we can have money for the trip to put gas, food, motel, etc. I will be in the hospital but my father, son, and boyfriend will need a place to stay while I’m there. The doctor thinks I will be at MD Anderson about 1-2 weeks and off of work for about a month. My other worry is that I have not PTO to get paid while I am off work to pay the bills and the mortgage; I am freaking out! I guess I will have to deal with one problem at a time. The good news is that my dad called last night while I was sleeping and told my boyfriend he got a small loan from the bank approved to pay for our trip.

In other news or problems the seller to my house has still not contacted the lawyer; she has until Friday the 22nd or else she will be sued and we will go to court and fight to get the insurance money she kept in order to fix my home. So many things to deal with at once I still don’t know how I can still keep a smile on my face  LOL LOL LOL. All I know God is with me and will help me get out of all these issues. Hopefully after this one he will know I have a lot of faith in him so he can stop testing it.  I ask all of you to please pray for my family and me in these hurtful times. Thank you in advance for you prayers.

Houston Texas here I come!!! I have never been to Houston at least I will see the convention center where my idol Selena Quintanilla used to sing  even in the bad of circumstances I always try to find a good out of it!

Selena Quintanilla RIP + (1971-1995) +
Was murdered on March 31, 1995

PS. I forgot to mention Alexandro lost another tooth while he was sleeping last night so this time he might only get $1, times are bad right now LOL hope he doesn't get too upset!  Now he decided to lose teeth!!  We both have an orthodontist apt this evening so the orthodontist will be pleased those teeth he lost are no longer in the way! LOL

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  1. I'm so glad you have a doctor you like. I'm sure that does help to know that she does care about your best interests.

    BUT! Have fun at the Selena exhibit!! I remembered seeing the Selena movie when I was just a little girl and being so sad that she was gone.


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