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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

FRUSTRATED With a capital F

On August 26, 2013 I was scheduled to see Dr. Edwards. I was really nervous to see a new doctor; the appointment lasted a little over an hour. It seemed like he really knows his stuff and my anxiety calmed down a little after talking to him. Dr. Edwards mentioned he could place me on a hormone to help control my low calcium and high thyroid levels; he said, he needed to look at my file with more detail and that he would get back to me on Tuesday; said that if I didn’t hear from him by that day to call his office on Wednesday. I left with a spark of hope that he was the one; the one that would help me through this torment I have been going through in order to get my cancer treatments going.

August 27, 2013 I waited for a call and nothing.

August 28, 2013 I called the office just like Dr. Edwards had suggested, I was told he was not in the office and they took a message. Later that morning Dr. Edwards called; he declined to be my doctor, he told me my case was too complicating and that I would have to continue seeing Dr. Galagan. He said he consulted with Dr. Galagan and that they both agreed this would be the best way to get treated. (Treated??? What treatment??? I haven’t even started on a treatment!!!!) Dr. Edwards said Dr. Galagan informed him that he had mentioned to me the same hormone he suggested of which he did NOT!!!! (Bullshit lies) Also that he told him I had missed an appointment with him, which is not true either; they never called me to schedule it and never returned my calls when I would call them.

I have no idea why he would make (this SHIT) up, but it is what it is I guess!!!!! I informed him I am having a hard time with Dr. Galagan’s office calling me back or helping me that this was the reason I paid him my New Patient COPAY and decided to see him and make him my doctor; he didn’t seem to care of what I had to say, he just told me to call their office and harass them to make me an appointment. I called Dr. Galagan’s office; I complained I needed to be seen soon, that they never called to make me my follow up appointment after my biopsy. After yelling and arguing with them I got in on a cancellation they had for September 3, 2013.

September 3, 2013 so today was the day I was supposed to see Dr. Galagan; I came into work and had a missed call on my cell then I logged into my computer and I had an email on MyChart and there was a notice my appointment for TODAY had been cancelled. I went back to the cellphone voicemail and it was to inform me my appointment was cancelled due to Dr. Galagan calling in for the entire week. WOW what news!!! This has been going on for the past 6 months!!!!! So it’s Tuesday September 3, 2013 and I still don’t have an appointment or a doctor that is willing to help me out!!!!!

Tomorrow September 4, 2013 I have a healing scheduled for several hours with two Curandera healers; maybe with the help of my Lord they can help me out because it seems like the doors are closing in on me and these doctors don’t want to help me out!!!!

I am starting to lose control of myself and my feelings…

It feels like there are just too many obstacles in my way.

One thing they cannot take away from me is my FAITH!!!!

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