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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Collision this morning ahhhh....

What to think about life…

Is it just me or is there someone like me that feels some days we are just floating in the air with no purpose? I was sent to Endocrinology and Oncology again because my blood levels do not want to normalize themselves.

Here we go again worrying about health issues; ahhh and on top of that I got rear ended this morning and now I am having back pain; so I am going to urgent care after I get off of work; it sucks!!!! When it comes to insurance I am so stupid she rear ended me and I gave her a check of $100 when the drivers father asked me to and they didn’t want to call 911 big mistake on my part or I am totally gullible ahhhh I am so bugged!!! I put a stop request on the check even though I had to pay $29 paying $29 is better than $100 on something I had no control over.

Did I mention I am totally bugged and there is still 15 minutes on the clock in order to be able to clock out and I still need to go to urgent care right after!!! Good thing today is not Thursday or I would be missing Grey’s Anatomy!!!


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  2. Greetings and salutations~!!

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  3. I hope you are feeling all right after the accident. I am your newest follower.

    All my best,



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