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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

@ Sistergirl

Thank you so much for your comment yesterday; I truly appreciated your feedback and it was very helpful.

So Alexandro’s aunt called me yesterday to see if they could keep Alex for a few extra hours to go out to dinner, of course I said yes. Alexandro goes to his grandparents (father’s family) every morning before school and after school until I get out of work. He has several father figures there, he has 2 uncles and 2 aunts on his father’s side; he also has a lot of cousins to play with, so when he is there, he is never bored or alone.

I never talk about his father in a negative way; that is not an issue. I try to make his memory a sweet one and not cause more confusion in his mind. I would love to take him to his tombstone, but we did the memorial and burial in Mexico. He did get to see and spend time with him 1 month before he passed away, and we did go to the memorial and burial.

According to Alexandro he does like his therapist, so I don’t know what happened there; I have no idea why he decided to refuse in seeing her.

Yesterday I started a new approach, when his aunt brought him home; I stood by the door to talk to him. I told him babe I thought you and I where supposed to be like one. You and I have told each other everything with no lies; do you not trust in me anymore because it really hurts mommy’s feelings when you lie. I think this approach worked because I saw a reaction on his face and he said no mommy I do trust you. I said in a soft voice okay so if there is trust why do you think you need to lie to me about little things such as saying you brushed your teeth, did your homework, or shampooed your hair when indeed you haven’t done so? His response was I’m sorry I will try to be honest! That was a good response.

Right after talking to him he did his reading, read his bible, did his homework, took a shower and shampooed his hair, and brushed his teeth. I hope things stay like last night. We’ll see how it goes today. I have faith!

Ahhhhh today I have a dentist appointment for a cleaning!!! What a drag LOL... Write to you all later! Have a good afternoon and thanks for your comments.

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