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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

1 Year Anniversary (1973-2009)

Chuy passed away at 36 years old
I was left destroyed and depressed
until the day comes for me to be by his side again, I will be happy again.
He was my first love,my first illusion, and the father of my son,
my friend, and my confident, but I still feel he is with me.

I dream of him almost every night like a sweet angel rounding and protecting us,
I know one day I will see him again in a perfect sun rise.
I want to think that until that day comes; he is always with me because I will always have him
in my heart and in my most sweet memories. There is not a single day that I don't think about him, or see him in the face of our son.

Please do not stop on his tomb to cry; he is not there because
he is the breeze that blows in the evenings of summer,
he is the diamond that shines on the snow when winter comes,
he is the light of the sun that illuminates my hair,
he is one of the so many beautiful stars that shine in the sky, and the huge moon that lights up the darkness of the night.

When the soft rain falls in the Fall; it's him.
In the morning when a breeze of wind caresses our face, it's him caressing us.
When we hear the birds singing in the Spring; it's him talking to us, trying to inspire us.
When from my window I see the sun set, I feel he is there smiling at us.
Everyday in all our moments; he is not there, he is here with us always.
When our day comes to leave this earth; he will be there to give us the beautiful welcome into a perfect heaven close to our Lord and our beautiful Virgen de Guadalupe!
One year has passed, and the pain still feels like if it were yesterday; we all miss and pray for your soul everyday my beloved Chuy...

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